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Mark-Weitzman-voiceover-talent-and-writer-Japan Mark Weitzman is a voice over talent and writer. He is a former radio on-air personality and radio news writer and broadcaster. He’s lived in Japan since 1993.

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Mark has worked at radio stations all over the Rocky Mountain West (and also Omaha and Austin.) His radio show from Denver in the early 1990s was broadcast by satellite and carried by over 60 radio stations in the US. During his 15-year radio career, Mark also wrote dozens of radio comedy skits and hundreds of radio commercials. He won a First Place Addy Award for radio commercial writing and production in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1986.

When not on-the-air in Denver, Mark was a volunteer at the University of Colorado in Boulder, helping students from abroad practice English. He soon had many Japanese friends and became knowledgeable about Japan.

In 1993 a radio program production company in Tokyo invited Mark to host a morning radio show in Sapporo, Japan (with a Japanese bilingual co-host.) Mark moved to Tokyo. But then the Sapporo radio station canceled the program idea, so Mark began performing voiceovers by day and teaching English by night at Berlitz in Tokyo. In 2006 he became a full-time freelance voice over artist and performs voice over at studios in Tokyo or from his home studio for projects to be broadcast or distributed locally, regionally or worldwide.


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Mark is also a cartoonist and in the 1980s and early 1990s his cartoons were syndicated by Tribune Media Services’ College Press Service to hundreds of colleges and university newspapers in the US. In Japan, Mark has drawn Japan-themed cartoons and one of his cartoons was published in Pado, a community newspaper in Tokyo.

Mark’s LetsJapan blog was established in 2008. He has written hundreds of articles about Japan and has been published at Digital Journal and Digital World Tokyo. Mark has been a ghostwriter for other websites about Japan.

Many of the original stories Mark researched, wrote, and posted on LetsJapan were then found and republished by major websites, such as his story about the crime prevention vending machine published on Geek.com, and mobile phone jammers that protect the elderly from fraud published on Engadget. A satirical story Mark wrote about Princess Masako’s robotic waving was grabbed by the celebrity gossip website Oh No They Didn’t.

Japanese folks often exclaim that Mark can handle chopsticks well. Using precision chopstick manipulation, Mark enjoys sushi at his local sushi restaurant, and una-don – grilled eel on rice – which is believed to increase one’s stamina.

Mark resides in Aoba-ku, (a Tokyo suburb), and he is active in the neighborhood: crows, low-flying helicopters, and blaring loudspeakers on junk collector trucks are some of his protest targets.

Read hundreds of articles written by Mark on LetsJapan, his blog about Japan. Read stories written by Mark at Weitzman Writes.

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Mark Weitzman Trivia Bowl emcee University of Colorado Boulder 1977 Mark Weitzman University of Colorado Boulder radio Mark Weitzman radio dj University of Colorado CU Boulder Mark Allen radio DJ KOZA Odessa Texas 1979
Mark Allen radio DJ KHFI-FM radio Austin Texas 1980s Mark Allen radio DJ KKAZ-FM Cheyenne Wyoming 1980s Mark Allen radio DJ KOIL-AM Mighty 1290 KOIL 1980s Mark Allen radio DJ KOIL-AM Mighty 1290 KOIL 1980s landshark Mark Allen radio DJ KVUU-FM radio The View Colorado Springs 1980s
Mark Allen radio DJ KOAQ-FM radio Q103 Denver 1980s 1990s Mark Allen radio DJ KXKL-FM radio KOOL-105 Denver oldies 1990s Mark Allen radio DJ Jones Satellite Network JSA Denver 1990s Mark Weitzman voiceover Honda Gathers car stereo print ad Japan
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Voiceovers are recorded by production companies and produced at studios in Tokyo. Voice over is also recorded in Mark’s in-home voice booth.

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