kosuke male Japanese voice over letsnarrate Kosuke has been performing voice over from his home studio since 1991. He has done voice over for car dealers, hotels, TV shows, e-learning projects, company videos and much more. He lives in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo, home of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team and site of Japan’s annual high school baseball tournament. Kosuke enjoys drinking locally-made, spring-water-brewed Miyamizu sake.

tsutomu-male-Japanese-voiceover-letsnarrate Tsutomu is a native of Kushiro, Hokkaido. He now resides in Machida-shi in the Tokyo metropolitan area. He is a freelance voice over artist and also emcees wedding reception parties called “kekkon hiroen.” He setup his home studio and started performing voiceovers in 2007. Sushi is his favorite Japanese food. He also enjoys eating paella. He has traveled to Hawaii and South Korea.

yoshie-female-Japanese-voiceover-letsnarrate Yoshie lives in Kyoto, her hometown, and is an emcee for parties, wedding receptions, concerts and other events. She has worked as a radio DJ and TV reporter in the Kyoto area. Yoshie started her freelance voice over career in 2003. She graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. Yoshie has traveled throughout Europe, and has been to Canada, the US, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the UAE. Her favorite Japanese food is una-don (eel-on-rice.)

yumiko-female-Japanese-voiceover-letsnarrate Yumiko is an emcee and voice over talent, and has been a character voice actress for more than 10 years for the Japanese TV show “Oh! Mikey“, a mannequin-comedy-sketch program. She is a former stage actress and has performed all over Japan. She began her voice over career in 1999. A native of Osaka, she now lives in nearby Sakai-shi, which is famous for its production of high quality kitchen knives. She has visited Las Vegas, Hawaii, Thailand, Guam, and Bali. She’s married, has a son, and the family pet is a miniature dachshund.