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— Mark Weitzman, September 17, 2015

Lets Narrate is different from those cluttered multiple-language voice over services

I offer voice over by native Japanese voice over artists who are in Japan and are heard by Japanese people everyday in Japan.

The professional freelance Japanese voice over talents I represent have a track record of voice over projects. Some of these Japanese voice over artists are also employed as narrators, radio DJs, emcees, and anime voice characters.

You can depend on the quality of the Japanese voices I offer.

Native Japanese voice over professionals who record in their own home studios in Japan

I have searched all over Japan for qualified Japanese voice over artists. I believe the four professional Japanese voice over talents listed here are the only voices in Japan who have proven audio recording skills that meet industry standards for audio quality.
– Mark Weitzman

Japanese Professional Voice Talents who live in Japan
  • Voice over audio files recorded in Japan and sent to you by email or download.
  • Japanese voice talents who are native speakers of Japanese for corporate and industrial videos and presentations, TV commercials and more. Standard Japanese dialect.
  • Japanese-accented English perfect for “Asian” characters in corporate training, presentations, dubbing, and game productions.
Testimonials – Japanese voice over

Business video: “You made us look good. I am going to recommend you to another of our clients.”

Business video: (urgent 3-minute VO initiated on a Friday; Monday morning deadline realized): “Received with thanks. Brilliant work by you and your narrator. Thank you.”

Business video: “…terrific Japanese voice actors and Mark performed as the coordinator to get our video project narrated. Our client is very happy with the results.”

Business video: “Thanks for doing a great job on this. The voice, audio quality and time sync look great.”

E-learning course: “Very professional, reasonably priced and provided quality work to our company. Would definitely recommend them to another organization that is looking for quality voice-over to be done.”

Japanese pilots for World War II game: “Mark’s studio worked hard to provide many, many audio files and gave us the top quality sounds we needed. His actors were willing to do as many retakes as needed to get everything just right. The final product is just what we were looking for.”

Event announcements: “Thank you for the great job. I want to really thank you for the professional approach, it’s a pleasure.”

Corporate identity: “Sound Logo”: “Did a great job on our project!”

Affordable native Japanese voice over professionals

In Japan, voice over talents are referred to as “narrators”. Voice actors for anime (animation) characters are called “voice actors” or “character voice”– CV. In Japanese, “seiyuu.”

Contact Mark Weitzman for Japanese voices

Email Address: info@letsnarrate.jp
Located in Tokyo, Japan

Time in Japan –


For details about English voice over by Mark Weitzman click here.

Male Japanese voice samples


Kosuke - Narrationdownload



Tsutomu - Narrationdownload



Female Japanese voice samples


Yoshie - Museum guidancedownload



Yoshie - Narrationdownload



Yumiko - Character 1download



Yumiko - Character 2download



Yumiko - Commercial 1download



Yumiko - Many charactersdownload


Need more Japanese voice demos?

Japanese movie trailer voices, anime character voices, juvenile voices, and other voice styles are available upon request.

(81) (090) 5437-2544
The time now in Japan is:
Mark Weitzman - member - World Voices Organization
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