Mark Allen radio DJ
(Mark the Shark) on the air
Mark Allen early career, emcee, Trivia Bowl at University of Colorado Boulder, circa 1977
Emcee, Trivia Bowl at University of Colorado Boulder, circa 1977

Mark Weitzman University of Colorado Boulder radio, circa 1977

Mark Allen CU Boulder radio station DJ circa 1977
University of Colorado Boulder campus radio station, circa 1977

Mark Allen radio DJ KOZA-AM Odessa Texas 1979
KOZA Odessa Texas, 1979

Mark Allen radio KHFI-FM, Austin Texas
KHFI-FM, Austin Texas, circa 1981

Mark Alan disc jockey DJ at KKAZ-FM radio, Cheyenne, Wyoming
KKAZ-FM, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1982

Mark Allen on the air at 1290 KOIL-AM radio, Omaha, Nebraska
Mighty 1290 KOIL, Omaha, Nebraska, 1983

Mark Allen aka Mark the Shark
In homemade Landshark at remote broadcast. Unable to bend, so engineer put records on turntable for me. KOIL, 1983

Mark Allen air personality middays at KVUU-FM radio station, Colorado Springs, Colorado
KVUU-FM, Colorado Springs, 1985

Mark the Shark radio DJ mornings and afternoons at KOAQ-FM Denver
KOAQ-FM (Q103) Denver, 1987-1991

Mark Allen on KXKL KOOL-105 FM in Denver
KXKL-FM radio KOOL-105 Denver

Mark Allen on Jones Satellite Network JSN JSA
Jones Satellite Audio (JSA) Denver 1991-1993

Honda Gathers car stereo print ad, Japan 1993.

Photos of Mark Allen in Japan from the 2000s are coming soon!
Photos coming soon

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