Mark Weitzman – Voice Over Talent

Voice over in native English for TV commercials, game trailers, movie and book trailers, corporate image and business videos

Voice talent in Japan since 1993. On-air personality, in-studio, at many radio stations in the USA prior to 1993, including on-air at Denver radio stations, and a Denver-based satellite broadcast live program.

Voiceovers are recorded by production companies and produced at studios in Tokyo or are recorded in Mark’s home studio.

TV Commercials
Destiny video game 2014 (Japan); Bridgestone Potenza tires 2010-2012 (Worldwide); Sony Bravia Monolithic TV 2010 (Worldwide); Sony Vaio (Singapore), Canon corporate (Worldwide); Toyota (Middle East); Kirin Strong Seven beer (Japan); Skechers Shoes (Japan); Yamaha Motorcycles 2008-2012 (Vietnam)…and dozens more!

Sony, Coca Cola, Olympus, NEC, Fujitsu, TDK, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency-JAXA, Japan Airlines, … and hundreds more!

Trailer & Game
“SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary”; “Destiny” trailer; “Romeo & Juliet” trailer; Space Invaders 30th Anniversary soundtrack narrative…and many more!

The above listed video productions may have additional usage such as websites, DVD, viral videos, exhibitions and the like. Narrator and narration for documentary, CM or CF film and TV programs, mobile phone content, sporting event pre-game video, arcade game prompts, soundtracks, and other media. That voice guy in Japan!